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Call for Papers

Cultural Trends Special Double Issue May/July 2019

At a time of increasing audience mobility and greater competition for audience attention, the need to understand audiences in a deeper and richer way is at the forefront of concerns for funding agencies, policymakers and arts organisations, and increasingly for scholars. In this context, this double issue aims to stimulate new critical debate on the potential of emerging audience research methods and approaches to provide fresh insights into questions of experiential enrichment and cultural value.

The proposed special issue will: provide a forum to showcase and bring together the highest quality contributions of, between and beyond these respective disciplines to explore the potential complementarity of evolving approaches to audience research; and provide an in-depth opportunity for investigating evolving methods. It will also situate, contextualise and showcase the emerging academic field of audience studies. As such, part of this special issue will critically explore a range of empirical approaches, methods and methodologies to highlight new research across the many disciplines that contribute to audience scholarship.

Please see full details here.

Symposium in Melbourne

The first public event in Australia: a symposium on current audience research across the artforms was held on 14 March 2018.

The symposium comprised of keynote speeches from Dr Caroline Heim (Queensland University of Technology) on The Performing Audience, and Lisa Walsh (Research Manager, Australia Council) on The Participating Audience; featured academic and practitioner papers as well as discussions on audience research techniques, challenges, impacts and trends.

See more information about the event including: full schedule; abstracts; presentations; and photos

Symposium on Audience Research

The iNARPA Symposium was held on Thursday 14 September 2017 at the School of Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds.

See more details about the Symposium including: transcripts; videos; and photos

Scoping Workshop, Monday 3 April 2017