Symposium Recordings


Opening keynote – Alan Brown: Audience research gone wild

Closing keynote – Lynne Conner: Getting to a culture of arts talk: a call to arms

Invited speakers and papers

Amanda Dalton (Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester) and Rachel Clements (University of Manchester)

Lianne Pelletier (University of Sudbury)

Steven Hadley (Consultant), Orian Brook (University of Edinburgh) and Oliver Mantell (The Audience Agency)

Hilary Glow and Katya Johanson (Deakin University, Melbourne)

Echo Fan (University of Leeds)

Matthew Reason (York St. John University)

Jutta Toelle (Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, Frankfurt)

Sarah Astill (University of Leeds)

Peter Merrington (Newcastle University)

Stephanie Pitts and Sarah Price (University of Sheffield)

Charlotte Gilmore (University of Edinburgh)

Kirsty Sedgman (University of Bristol) and Martin Barker (Aberystwyth University)